How a dog trainer became a web designer and made 10k first month

Ever since I was a kid, all I can remember is how much we loved our pet dog “Bulldozer.” I know it is a strange name. He died after living a healthy life and left us in grieve. My dad was so much attached to “bulldozer” that he didn’t talk about him for days. A few weeks later, he bought a German shepherd puppy, and I was over the moon with sheer joy. During my high school days I wanted to do something I am passionate about and Yes, I decided to become a professional dog trainer.

A great website to learn about dog behavior is Dog Training Ireland website.
Here is their Facebook page to look at.
I have been a professional dog trainer for almost 12 years now. It is something that I love, and I find dog training utterly fun and exciting. Long story short, my dwindling financial condition forced me to take a loan, and that is when I realized that I am not going to earn too much as a professional dog trainer. I had to pay the debt back, and it seemed like I was running out of options.

My friend is a Web Designer, and he advised me to become one too. At first, I was quite hesitant and unsure about it. One day, he came to my home, opened my computer and started telling me how much easy it is. I was like “what the heck, let’s give it a try.” To my surprise, I found everything extremely easy. It was quite unusual for a dog trainer like me become a web designer.

Here is how it went:

Web Designer

It is a person who creates all the visual elements of a website such as a layout, formatting, colors etc.

Best Software

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the main software that I had to learn. I found them quite easy to understand. My friend told me that it can become helpful if I also learn Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Fireworks.

Programming Languages

It took some time, but it was important for me to learn programming languages such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, and Flash etc. the first two are very important to learn. In no time at all, I learned the HTML and CSS, while I got familiarized with the other programming languages.

Made My Own Website

It was actually a testing website that I made. My friend supervised me, but I didn’t need much of his help since it is not that difficult at all. My persistent attitude to keep on learning was the key. I made a website and it was my first online presence in the field.

Polished My Skills and the Leap

I kept working on my skills and officially launched my website and announced myself to the world as a web designer. I had worked on few low-budget projects, so I used the experience and started taking projects. I built a portfolio site and kept it updated. I spent some cash to advertise my website, and it all turned out great.

The client started to come and I made sure that I did their work on time. I satisfied all my clients and that lead me to more clients. At the end of the first month, I had already made over 10k. I worked day and night because it was the start, and now I have hired 2 web designers that are working for me.

I paid the debt on time and I am earning way more than before. I believe that I was hesitant, but once I took the leap, I never looked back. My passion for dogs is still there and now I am about to launch a dog blog. Thank you so much for reading my story. I hope all of you try to change things by taking some kind of initiative.  Best of Luck!



Our Trip to Ireland to discover new web design secrets.

Not many of you know but Ireland is quite a famous country. Quite recently we went there for holidays, I and my team were reluctant at first because of the rainy weather and all that, you know me! The only reason we went there is that my close friend Sam Mulligan lives there ( the owner of spy designs), he is a true legend and knows a lot more about web development and the whole of my team. So we packed our bags and booked our tickets, the flight took us 14 hours from New York, Bronx. We arrived tired and angrily searched for a taxi, that we could not find, we had to go to a designated taxi tunnel to catch one. how stupid is that? Once we got into a taxi we found out that the Dubliners are also using UBER, who would think it spreads like fire? haha. Any ways lets talk about what web design secrets we found in the capital of Ireland, Dublin city. We met Sam the next day and he showed us his brand new MacBook pro 17icnh, it was custom built and a true beast of its kind. Sam showed me a trick how to manage up to 100 websites per day using WordPress paid themes. I immediately felt old and did not even know that it could be easy such as drag and drop. Next day I learned about Wix, a drag and drop web site builder from, oh my, then we were introduced to the ervato market, I forgot the exact name. Any ways ervato market lets you pick a website template from any category you like, be it hospitals, online shops, or restaurant themes, you can even send a link to the preview to the client that is looking for web design and SEO he will be impressed BIG TIME. So to sum this up, it was my favorite trip of my life, even though it was raining every day (typical there) I was still very impressed by what Sam has shown me and now I tripped my clients base in under a month. You rock Sam. I and my team of 3 designers plan to come back and pay another visit to Dublin city to learn new stuff, Can’t Wait. Chill.